About Us

About Us

Technomanya Solution Pvt Ltd. one of the leading Software & IT Technology providers. While the world has entered in a digital age, to be globally present if not physically but via technology has become imperative. Technomanya as an organization realizes this need of every business and hence is one of the leading solutions providers of Digital Transport infrastructure, IntelRides and Smart class Room digital solution , networking, IoT and various other IT services. Our offerings are vast and expertise old. Intensity has been developing successful IT solutions and thus has acquired an extensive expertise in delivering reliable IT solutions and turn-key projects. Having based ourselves on the features demanded by business today we have created innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective IT solutions for small-medium and large IntelRides and IT industry.

1. IntelRides - Digital Transport Infrastructure Solution

2. Smart Class Room- Interactive Smart Touch Pannel

3. Employee Smart Transport Solution

4. Two way communication with live streaming camera for the IntelRides.